The AAQ (Academy of Aerospace Quality) is an online platform for quality assurance training for academics, students, and commercial space service providers involved in aerospace research, technology development, and payload design and development. The AAQ curriculum includes training modules for all aspects of quality assurance necessary to ensure project success. The AAQ website provides a virtual community for networking and sharing of lessons-learned among like-minded scholars. Dr. Alice E. Smith and Dr. Jeffrey S. Smith are the principal investigators from Auburn, and Brian Hughitt (NASA Headquarters), and Craig McArthur (Marshall Space Flight Center) direct the project from NASA.

AAQ Curriculum

The Academy of Aerospace Quality is built around a curriculum consisting of 50 quality assurance topics, covering the entire life-cycle of a payload project.

Quality Assurance Tutorials

Each topic contains an in-depth tutorial that seeks to introduce the visitor to the selected topic. Tutorials include quizzes and other interactive materials that are intended to help the visitor master the material more effectively.

Quality Assurance Plans

A quality assurance plan allows your team to document the best practices that will be put in place to assure the quality (and success) of your project. You can create one on our website using a template developed by a team of academics with many years of experience in payload research.

NASA Standards

Search and query over 350 NASA standards that might be relevant to your project using our NASA Standard Search App.

Learn From Others

Using our website, you can learn from the experiences of other Cubesat community members through case studies, forums and over 200 lessons learned taken directly from NASA's lessons learned databases.

Contact Us!

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