AM: Additive Manufacturing

CAD: Computer-Aided Design

ALM: Additive Layered Manufacturing

RM: Rapid Manufacturing

RP: Rapid Prototyping

LMT: Layer Manufacturing Technique

NC: Numerical Controlled Machines

CNC: Computer Numerical Controlled machines

DFMA: Design for Manufacturing and Assembly

ISO: International Standardization Organization

ASTM: American Society for Testing and Materials

SLS: Selective Laser Sintering

CMB: Controlled Metal Build-up

LENS: Laser Engineered Net Shape

SDM: Shape Deposition Modeling

LAPSJ: Laser Aided Power Solidification with Powder Jet

LOM: Laminated Object Modeling

FDM: Fused Deposition Modeling

IJP: Inkjet Printing

LMD: Laser Metal Deposition

DMLS: Direct Metal Laser Sintering

RE: Reverse Engineering

STL: Stereolithogtaphy