AAQ Expert Users

These individuals are experts in the fields of aerospace, mechanical, industrial engineering and physics. Each of them have extensive experience in payload research and many are currently involved in similar projects at their institutions. Their roles in the Academy of Aerospace Quality include providing active feedback on the learning modules presented on this website.  


Alex "Sandy" Antunes

Associate Professor, Astronautical Engineering

Capitol Technology University


Jonathan Black, PhD

Associate Professor, Aerospace and Ocean Engineering

Associate Director of Research for Aerospace Systems, Hume Center

Virginia Tech


Paul J. Darby, PhD, PE

Assistant Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering

University of Louisiana at Lafayette


Andy Hollerman, PhD

Professor, Physics

University of Louisiana at Lafayette


Glenn Lightsey, PhD

Professor, Aerospace Engineering

American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronauts Fellow

Space Systems Design Laboratory

Georgia Tech


Iqbal Shareef, PhD

Professor, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering and Technology

Bradley University



Justin Yates, PhD


Assistant Professor, Industrial and Systems Engineering

Francis Marion University


Clayton A. Smith, PhD, Expert User Emeritus

Section Supervisor, Space Systems Applications Group

Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory


Francis Wessling, PhD, Expert User Emeritus

Professor, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

University of Alabama Huntsville