Solder is a fusible metallic alloy used to join metallic surfaces. An example proceudre to hand soldering a wire usually involves:

  1. Prepare, position, and clean connection
  2. Clean assembly
  3. Clean and position the wire, solder
  4. Clean and inspect the wire

Workmanship: shall be a level of quality adequate to assure that processed products meet the performance requirements of the engineering documentation

Inspection: Inspection for acceptability shall be performed on all solder connections, parts mounting and condition, conductor routing, and PWB features to requirements

  • Requirements may be individually set depending on the system and its intended application
  • At a minimum all soldered connections will be visually inspected

QA shall verify all workmanship, test, inspections, cleanliness, environments, and measurements. Ensure all applicable standards are met during soldering operations. Always ensure all safety measures and precautions are understood and taken before soldering

Training should be performed on all personnel that will conduct soldering activities.