Date: 6/13/02 Initiated By: AFS-300 AC No: 00-56A

Purpose: This advisory circular (AC) describes a system for the accreditation of civil aircraft parts distributors on the basis of voluntary industry oversight and provides information that may be used for developing accreditation programs. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) strongly endorses participation in such a program to improve the ability of certificated persons to establish the eligibility of parts and products for installation on type-certificated products. This AC has been revised in order to meet current changes in regulatory requirements and industry practices since its original publication. In 1993, the FAA Associate Administrator for Regulation and Certification strongly endorsed the voluntary industry oversight of distributors of civil aircraft parts rather than mandatory federal regulation of those entities. A Task Force was created comprised of representatives from the following organizations: FAA Aircraft Maintenance, Production, and AC 00-56A 6/13/02 Airworthiness Divisions; Aerospace Industries; Aeronautical Repair Station, Air Transport, Aircraft Electronics, Airline Pilots, Airline Suppliers, Aviation Distributors and Manufacturers, Experimental Aircraft, General Aviation Manufacturers, National Air Transportation and National Business Aircraft Associations; and the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers Union. The task force prepared for the FAA’s consideration a draft AC on industry oversight of distributors, and in 1996 the FAA published AC 00-56, Voluntary Industry Distributor Accreditation Program, which formally established third party accreditation of distributors. This program was developed in an effort to provide owners and operators of aircraft with a readily available source of materials and parts for which acceptability can be determined without adding an undue economic burden or using limited FAA resources.