Program Lifecycle Configuration Process

Program lifecycle configuration process

This process is outlined by IAQG in SCMH as below and the interactive content above. Each step is followed by the next one to complete the whole configuration management system.

Request for information and proposal: This step is named as “as Specified/Customer Requirement Baseline” by IAQG in SCMH. In this step, customer identifies all allocated requirements, specifications, structure, configuration management requirements, and etc.

The customer expects to receive information/proposal from the supplier to the Requirement Baseline (CMG, 2014).

Proposal: This step is named as “As Quoted Configuration” by IAQG in SCMH. The supplier prepares the response to customer with a configuration management plan showing the ways of implementing customer requirements. There might be differences between what customer requires and what supplier provides. This is why this step is called “as quoted”. Additionally, the CM plan aims at defining the process & resources for managing the configuration of the product in a controlled & traceable manner throughout the project life cycle (CMG, 2014).

Contract award: This step is named as “As Accepted Configuration” by IAQG in SCMH. This step includes the system requirements specification & the system interface specification as finally agreed by the customer and the supplier (CMG, 2014).

Contract review/planning: This step is named as “As Planned Configuration” by IAQG in SCMH. The As Accepted configuration is reviewed during initial stages of contract implementation. As part of the allocated baseline the sub-systems’ requirements & interface specifications are frozen towards the Preliminary Design Review phase (As Planned). (CMG, 2014).

Design: This step is named as “As Designed Configuration” by IAQG in SCMH. IAQG identifies three stages that need to be done in this step:

  1. System Requirements Review and System Design Review (SRR & SDR)
  2. Preliminary Design Review (PDR)
  3. Critical Design Review (CDR)

In this step, configuration related documents such as block drawings, schematic drawings, design documents, design interfaces documents and Validation & Verification V&V documents are frozen.

ProductionThis step is named as “As Built Configuration” by IAQG in SCMH. In this step, the traceability should be enabled in the entire manufacturing process. According to SCMH, "during procurement, storage, production, assembly, and test, details & identification marking will enable the follow-up of the history of the item in all its stages" (CMG, 2014).    

Delivery: This step is named as “As Documented Configuration” by IAQG in SCMH. SCMH states that an individual file will be issued for each item for which all the conditions specified below have been met, unless otherwise specified by contractual requirements:

  1. Item has been tested according to their individual test procedures.
  2. Item has been identified by individual serial numbers.
  3. Item has been awarded a Serviceable tag upon completion of test (CMG, 2014).

Service: This step is named as “As Maintained Configuration” by IAQG in SCMH. According to SCMH, there must be a maintenance contract  signed by customer and manufacturer and define all maintenance levels in detail.

Figure: System Development Lifecycle