As you finish gaining a complete understanding of the risks associated with your mission it is very important to have a plan in place to be able to track progress being made in addressing those risks. One key to being able to track risks throughout the entire life of the mission is to assign a person who is responsible for a specific risk.

At key milestones in the mission, that person is responsible for presenting the progress of that risk that he or she has been assigned. That person will also be responsible for taking any leadership role if necessary in any effort to eliminate the risk.

Another idea to help monitor the progress of a risk is to continually update your L-C Chart. You can leave the previously plotted point for the risk on the chart and add an updated coordinate on the chart. Over time it will become a very important instrument to track progress and see where the risk "likelihood" and "consequence" was at the beginning of the mission and where it is "now."


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