Digital Television For NASA

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This standard was developed by the NASA Digital Television Working Group (DTVWG) and by the NASA Office of the Chief Information Officer, Architecture and Infrastructure Division, to assist the development and implementation of Digital Television (DTV) systems that support the Agency.

The DTV system standards described in this document are associated with those industrial or professional systems used to produce full motion and full resolution digital video imagery that is suitable for critical closed circuit or broadcast use and which is normally distributed over wide bandwidth communications systems designed for the transmission of television. It is not the intention of the DTVWG or of the Office of the Chief Information Officer to imply or endorse the use of any specific commercial vendor standards, designs or hardware. This document does not, at this time, discuss or provide standards for the implementation of digital video other than regular full motion and full resolution systems or which use other than wide band communications systems designed specifically for standard video transmission. This includes systems used for video surveillance, for very high speed imagery, for teleconferencing video or for the streaming distribution of live video or on-demand video segments to viewers over a computer intranet or the Internet. It is expected that future versions of this or other similar documents will address NASA standards for these other types of digital motion imagery.