Facility System Safety Guidebook

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This document is a guideline for implementing a Facility System Safety Program to meet the requirements of “NASA Safety Policy and Requirements Document,” NHB 1700.1 (V1B). The facility acquisition process information was taken from the “NASA Facility Project Implementation Handbook,” NPG 8820.2. The purpose of this Facility System Safety Guidebook is to provide a guideline for facility and safety professionals who are involved with the facility acquisition or modification/construction process and life cycle phases at NASA installations and to provide fundamental information for the development of a facility safety program during the acquisition process. This guidebook provides the framework for implementing facility system safety goals and requirements into NASA facilities. Safety is an integral aspect of the facility acquisition process and must be considered at all phases throughout the life cycle of the facility system. This document has also been developed to support the NASA Safety Training Center (NSTC), “Facility System Safety Course.”