A FOD prevention program consists of four parts:

  • Training
  • Inspection
  • Maintenance
  • Coordination

  1. Training: This is the first part of the FOD prevention program. It provides the education and groundwork for the program. The training should stress safety to personnel, the hazards to equipment, the direct costs associated with FOD damage, and the indirect costs associated with items such as schedule delays. The training will include the procedures for removing and eliminating FOD at its source, and should be reinforced through AWARENESS. Retraining is also necessary to help maintain FOD awareness and to introduce changes in procedures/policies.
  2. Inspection: Walkthroughs should be performed on a set schedule and by designated personnel. The frequency of inspections may change depending on the amount of activity in the area around the system of interest.
  3. Maintenance: This is the removal of debris and the periodic reviews of established procedures and prevention program itself. Methods include cleaning and returning items to the proper location if not in use.
  4. Coordination: This is the feedback loop that ensures continued effectiveness of the established program. It is also the mechanism for reporting status and incidents related to FOD.