The following information is taken from the FOD prevention plan that was established at Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, AL for the X-33 Flight Liquid Hydrogen Tank

The instructions required that all affected personnel shall adhere to the following instructions:

  • Mandatory training
  • Strict Visitor Control
  • Only tools specific for the project are used
  • Tools will be tethered
  • Tools will be removed from the area while not in use
  • Wire cutters will contain adhesive material
  • Specific dress code is enforced
  • Good housekeeping is required
  • Pre- and post-shift walk downs are performed
  • Independent audits shall be performed
  • All incidents will be reported on a FOD incident report (and controlled by quality personnel)

According to MIL-STD-980, there are six requirements that shall be met for FOD prevention:

  1. The contractor shall establish and maintain a FOD program
  2. The contractor shall implement a FOD program. This involves assigning resources to the prevention of FOD.
  3. The contractor shall establish a FOD procedure that shall include training, design considerations, assembly techniques, cleanliness of components and the work area, tool control, use of equipment protective devices, proper equipment handling, and continued vigilance of personnel.
  4. Periodic Evaluations
  5. Control of suppliers and subcontractors.
  6. Program evaluations/reviews