An effective measure for eliminating FOD is to engineer controls into an area or system that prevents FOD from entering. This approach is very proactive since in theory it can greatly reduce/eliminate FOD in a system by designing a system such that FOD cannot enter.

MIL-STD-980 contains several design guidelines for reducing FOD by engineering controls through system design.

These guidelines are as follows:

  • Eliminate FOD entrapment areas
  • Seal areas where FOD can migrate
  • Use covers to prevent FOD entry
  • Use screens on intakes
  • Install access panels for removal of FOD
  • Install devices to divert FOD
  • Use appropriate fasteners
  • Use blind fasteners in critical areas
  • Eliminate equipment that may separate under dynamic
  • Locate service points and ground points where FOD is least likely to exist
  • Use compatible seals and metals to reduce deterioration rates
  • Use conformal coating
  • Ensure procedures are appropriate for feedback of FOD incident reports
  • Design such that individual parts that are damaged by FOD can be replaced without replacing an entire system
  • Minimize and properly seal inlets