Tethered Hand Tool

FOD Control Area Awareness Warning and Program Manual,

Shadow Box

FOD Decals

Sample Training Topics from MIL-STD-980



a. Proper storage, shipping, and handling of material and component or equipment items.
b. Control of manufacturing debris in the performance of work assignments.
c. Cleanliness in work areas (housekeeping)
d. Cleaning and inspection of components and assemblies
e. Proper control/accountability and care of tools and hardware
f. Control over personal items and equipment
g. Proper care and use of assembly and equipment protective devices
h. Proper care and protection of completed end items
i. Pride of workmanship
j. Continual vigilance and potential sources of hazardous foreign objects
i. How to report FOD incidents or potential incidents

Sample FOD Inspection Log

Sample Employee Sign-Off used for record-keeping

Sample FOD Incident Report