NASA Standards:

The overarching NASA standard for fastener procurement, receiving inspection, and storage practices for all fasteners used for spaceflight hardware that are procured, received, tested, inventoried, or installed for space flight by a NASA Center, by a prime contractor, or by any other spaceflight hardware developer is:

Military Standards:

  • FED-STD-H28/20: Screw-Thread Standards for Federal Services, Inspection Methods for Acceptability of UN, UNR, UNJ, M, and MJ Screw Threads
  • NASM1312-6: Fastener Test Methods, Method 6, Hardness
  • NASM1312-8: Fastener Test Methods, Method 8, Tensile Strength
  • NAM1312-108: Fastener Test Methods, Metric, Method 108, Tensile Strength