Hypothesis Test for Paired Observations:

  • When to use it: to test two sample means when their respective population variances are unknown but considered equal and with data recorded in pairs.

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Verify if the 103 dimensional characteristic was modified by a thermal treatment by applying a 95% TH for \( \mu_d = \mu_1 - \mu_2 \) (n=10)

Before TT After TT
47.39 47.28
47.47 47.33
47.58 47.46
47.60 47.47
47.40 47.28
47.68 47.58
47.47 47.36
47.64 47.54
47.48 47.37
47.73 47.61


Using Excel

Select Data, Data Analysis, t-test: Paired two-sample for means

Excel should calculate the following:

For a two-sided test, the null hypothesis is rejected (p-value = 3.36E-10 < \( \alpha \) )


Running a two paired sample T test


Do it yourself

Step 1: Go to "Attachments" on the bottom of this page and dowload the Excel spreadsheet.

Step 2: Follow the steps teached in the video above and solve the exercises in the Excel spredsheet dowloaded. 

Step 3: Answer the questions in the Interactive Content below.