Example Screening Test Flow4

Example Qualification Test Flow4

Example DPA Test Flow4

Important Vendor Information4
# Category Information/Question
1.1   Part number
1.2   Function
1.3 General Information Date code
1.4   Package type
1.5   Manufacturer
2.1   Die process technology
2.2   ESD sensitivity level
2.3   Moisture sensitivity level
2.4 Part Date of last die revision
2.5   Date of introduction to the market
2.6   Expected date for obsolescence
2.7   Product storing policy (years to keep in stock)
2.8   Packing parts for shipment, moisture control
2.9   Type of molding compound and characteristics (glassivation temperature, CTE, flame retardant)
3.1   Vendor facility (location)
3.2 Manufacturer Point of contact for quality assurance
3.4   Mark revision control
3.5   Application support
3.6   Pact traceability
4.1   Availability of Statistical Process Control (SPC) data
4.2   What kind of 100% outgoing inspection and screening is used?
4.3   Availability of test flowchart
4.5 Process Availability of reliability and quality assurance handbook
4.6   Average outgoing quality (AOQ) 1/
4.7   Major process capability indexes for the part (Cpk) 2/
4.8   Acceptable proportion of failures at high temperature measurements
4.9   Radiation hardness of the process or of similar parts
4.10   Are there any military parts manufactured using the same techonology?