Staking is the process of bonding and securing components or parts to PWA's and electronic assemblies by means of an adhesive material. The main purpose is to protect and support parts that may be damaged by vibration, shock, or handling.

Bonding is the process of establishing a firm chemical bond using an adhesive material for securing mechanical and electronic parts to a mounting surface. Bonding provides a cost effective method for reducing total structural weight while reinforcing strength.

A conformal coating is a thin, electrically nonconductive, and protective coating that will conform to the configuration of the board or other assembly. Conformal coatings are intended to provide electrical insulation and environmental protection, thus minimizing the performance degradation of electronic assemblies by humidity, handling, debris, and contamination.

These techniques are covered by NASA-STD 8739.1. As with any workmanship, ensure facility cleanliness, proper environmental conditions, tool and equipment control including calibration, proper material storage and shelf life control, and handling. Always consider design, acceptance and rejection criteria for staking, bonding, and conformal coating.