What is an Audit?

An audit is a third party or independent assessment that an organization being audited is performing a specific objective (process, function, policy, etc) in accordance with (IAW) that objectives fulfillment/measurement criteria (procedure, law, contract, etc.). Audits are independent measures of how well an entity is performing an objective against that objectives measurement criteria. Audits are meant to be objective and meant to find facts, not fault.1 They are part of the quality assurance function and help ensure high quality products/services and increased communications with suppliers. The terminology for the organization being audited is the auditee.1

Audits can be internal or external. Internal audits are required per section 8.2.2 of Aerospace Standard AS9100, Quality Management Systems.

This module will focus on performing external audits on suppliers. Supplier Audits should be written as part of the contract(s) with each supplier. Analysis of supplier audits will provide additional information that will provide critical information in the supplier selection process.

An audit can be viewed as "The Bee Watcher Watcher"

NSC Audits & Assessments Supplier Symposium