The following information is taken from "Salvage and Save." NASA Safety Center. Case of Interest. September 2013.

Procedures for salvaging parts must include requalification tests to certify the parts for flight. It is important to keep in mind that sometimes parts are too delicate, overly damaged, or complex to repair because the associated risks would be too high. The following are a few tips to consider during the review process for various parts:

Mechanical Parts

  • Use nondestructive evaluation tests to determine flaws or defects such as cracks (See the AAQ NDE Module)
  • Conduct inspections to determine any changes in physical shape or size
  • Complete visual inspections

Electronic Parts (Note: Electronic parts are a higher risk for reuse than mechanical parts)

  • Determine degree of testing based on use
    • Weaknesses and degradation may not be obvious
    • Parts could have been exposed to radiation, extreme excursions in temperature, over stress, vibrations and so on

Electrical Parts

  • Test and inspect connectors and terminations

For further reading, view the Objective Reuse of Heritage Parts from the Mission Assurance Improvement Workshop. The Mission Assurance Improvement Workshop's (MAIW's) purpose is to enhance the government/industry mission assurance processes, supporting disciplines, and associate products collaboratively with indsutry and government teams.