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An Acceptance Data Package (ADP) is the final documentation package delivered with the hardware/software to the customer by the contractor and must be provided for all flight end items. An "ADP provides a complete and verified status, including the as–built configuration, of hardware or software, contains information pertinent to acceptance, and enables the continuation of required activities by the using organization" and is "prepared as part of the hardware or software acceptance/delivery criteria and maintained throughout the hardware or software life cycle after government acceptance, including integrated testing, ground processing, launch site processing, on orbit, post-landing, and maintenance/modification/refurbishment activities.”2

Contents of the ADP for flight end items developed by the payload developer shall be documented in end item development plans.

Why produce an ADP?

An Acceptance Data Package (ADP) is required through contract upon delivery of end items (hardware/software).

The binding requirement for an ADP may vary but generally it is listed as a data requirement (DR) per the statement of work (SOW) or as a contract deliverable (CDRL) also as defined in the SOW. The remainder of this module will assume a DR is the binding mechanism for preparing an ADP. All information concerning an ADP will be listed in the DR.

Data Requirement

  • Section 8.1 defines the scope of an ADP
  • Section 8.2 references any documents that may apply. These are generally the documents that tell the contractor what shall be included in an ADP and how shall it be presented
  • Section 8.3 and Section 8.4 tells the contractor what shall be included in an ADP and how shall it be presented therefore adding to the list of applicable documents
  • Section 8.5 is the control mechanism for keeping information current

The full version sample of the DR above is located in the Other Materials Section of the DR page on AAQ and also shown in the appendix of this module.

Now that the authority to create an ADP has been shown through a DR in this case, which was per an actual NASA contract (NAS 10-02007), the reader should understand that an ADP is not optional but it is required. If for some instance an ADP is not required, it is always a good practice to submit your final and proper documentation of one’s end products.